Control GRC, be prepared for audits, pinpoint violations of SoD rules, and reduce business risks.

Xpandion’s complete and fully-automated solution for GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and SoD (Segregation of Duties) requirements, identifying violations on both the static level of granting authorizations to users, and on the dynamic level as a compensating control.

ProfileTailor GRC monitors actual real-time behaviour usage for every SAP user and sends alerts about unusual activities, including risk severity level. Installed externally to SAP, ProfileTailor GRC is up and running instantly. Automation of in-house and outsourced auditing tasks using ProfileTailor GRC saves an average of 30% on external auditor hours, including SAP audits, SoD/SOX projects and pre-defined risk reports.

• Receive immediate alerts about irregular behaviour and pro-actively respond,improving audit quality

• Ensure successful audit and regulatory compliance (SoD/SOX) within days

• Prevent security breaches, fraud and leakage of sensitive information

• Generate detailed dynamic usage profile analyses for SAP users

• Produce an extensive variety of automated and highly-detailed reports

• Benefit from unique compensating control and knowledge collaboration mechanism